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English 100 (Susan St. John, Spring 2024): Homework: Cover Songs

Cover Songs

How to locate a "cover song"...

Example: "Red Red Wine"

Red Red Wine

Original: Neil Diamond (1967)

Cover: UB40 (1983)


Cover: Kapena (1992)

Step 1: Find a song.

Did you know that some of your favorite songs are actually "covers" or remakes of older songs? Sometimes "samples" or parts of older songs are used in newer songs too. 

To locate a cover song, your best bet is to use a general internet search engine such as Google, DuckDuckGo and search for the term,  "cover songs", "song remakes."

Listed below are two articles with examples of cover songs:

  • Kryza, A. "The 30 Best Cover Songs of All Time," TimeOut, October 25, 2011. (Link)
  • Hummel, J. III, "Top 100 Cover Songs and Remakes," Pop Culture Madness, October 14, 2022 (Link)

Step 2: Listen to both versions.

Once you've found the songs you'd like to write about, the best way of listening to the songs are either by looking the song up on YouTube (Free) or on Spotify (paywall). 

If you have difficulty getting ahold of a song, contact your librarian Ellie Seaton <> and she can help you locate the song.

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