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English 100 (Susan St. John, Spring 2023): Assignment 3: Culinary Response

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Food is an interdiscplinary topic and can be found throughout the library. Listed below are call numbers that contain resources relating to food culture.

  • TX
  • GT2850-2955


  • GN: Anthropology
  • GN407: Social perceptions/interactions/culture of food, taboo
  • GN476: Anthropology of biodiversity, ethnobotany, etc.
  • GN635: Ethnobotany, general anthropology
  • GT3930: Feasts, festivals


  • GR: Folklore/Mythology
  • GR705–7300: Animal mythology
  • GR780–790: Plant mythology


  • BJ1801–2195: Social usages, etiquette


  • NK8725: Dining depictions, tableware design

Food Establishments:

  • GT3770–3896: Pubs, taverns, inns
  • HF5417–5430: Shopping centers, (fair) trade
  • HF5469–5475: Supermarkets, grocers, markets/bazaars – Including history of
  • NK2195.R4: Designs for dining, restaurants, pubs, cafés


  • BM700–710, esp. 710: Judaism – rites and customs
  • BR115.N: Christianity and food
  • BS680.F6: Bible – food and diet


  • PN56:
    •    B62 – Body, fatness, food in literature
    •    F62 – Literary gastronomy
    •    W5 – Alcohol, wine
  • PN1009.5.F66: Food in children’s literature
  • PN1995.9: Food in film
  • PN6071: Food in literature, writings on food
  • PQ145.1, esp. C35 (Cannibals) and G35 (General): French writings on food


  • GT5810–5905
  • SK


  • BL65
  • B105.F

Selected Resources on Food Writing

Food writers and critics face a unique challenge: Are they responsible, as journalists, for educating the public about the food they’re eating and where it comes from? Or are they simply there to review what an establishment has to offer—regardless of sourcing and sustainability? The Los Angeles Times’ restaurant critic will explore various aspects of food writing and food criticism, including the food industry and issues that face our global food supply. He will also dive into social media, its effects on the restaurant industry, and whether the art of restaurant review has been altered forever.

  • "What we write about when we write about food," New York Times Style Magazine, February 18. 2022 (Link)

Selected Resources on Culinary Arts

Selected Food Writing

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