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English 100 (Susan St. John, Spring 2023): Homework: January 17 (Selfie)

Homework: Responding to Visual Art: Portraits

Homework: Tuesday, January 17

Read and annotate: "My Selfie, My Self"

MLA Citation: WORTHAM, JENNA. “My Selfie, Myself.” New York Times, vol. 162, no. 56295, 20 Oct. 2013, pp. 1–9. 

Further Reading: Selfies

  • Stavans, Ilan. I love my selfie. Durham, Duke University Press, 2017. (Ebook Link)
  • Storr, Will. Selfie: How we became so self-obsessed and what it's doing to us. New York, Abrams Ignition, 2018. (Ebook Link)
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