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HWST 273 - Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia: Books & Videos

Getting Started

The first step in researching tattoo traditions in the Pacific is to look for books that have been written about your chosen topic. Books in the WCC Library can be found using the Voyager Catalog search box below.

Videos can often give you a quick overview of a topic, give you possible topic ideas, and add interest to your presentations.

The Search Process

In Five Easy Steps

1. Concept Block Your Topic
Pull out key concepts from your topic to search. For example, if you are researching "Tattoo traditions of Tahiti". Your key concepts would be "tattoo" and "Tahiti".

2. Voyager Catalog Keyword Search
Type your key concepts in the Voyager search box below.



3. Evaluate Your Results
Ask yourself these questions:

Are my results relevant? Yes.... Good job! Move on to Number 4.

Do I have too much? Yes.... You might be too broad, try narrowing your search.

Do I have too little? Yes.... You might be too specific, try broadening your search.

4. Look For Pearls
Find a book that interests you, and click it to view the book's catalog record.

5. Pearl Browse For More
Check out that book's Subject Headings. Do you see any relevant subject headings to your topic?

Yes.... Fabulous! Click them to find more relevant books.

No....  No worries! Look for another book from your results list.


Recommended Books

Selected Videos

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