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HWST 273 - Tattoo Traditions of Polynesia: Articles

Getting Started

The second step in your research is to find any credible magazine or peer-reviewed journal articles about your topic. You can find these by searching in the databases below.

The Search Process

The databases on the right have very different search capabilities. To find articles effectively, follow the tips below.

1. Familiarize Yourself
Ask yourself, "What kinds of information can I get from these databases?"

2. Determine the Access Points
Ask yourself, "What search options are available in these databases?"

3. Search Strategically 
Ask yourself, "What will be the best search, given the search options?"

4. Remember to Concept Block
Ask yourself, "What are the main, most unique aspects of my topic?"

5. Remember to Evaluate Your Results
Ask yourself, "Do I have too many or too little results?"


What are databases? Databases index and sometimes provide full-text access to peer-reviewed and popular magazine articles. The databases below index many Hawai'i and Pacific journals and magazines, thus are most likely to have articles on your topic.

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