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Dossier Hui Resources: Contract Renewal

Guidelines, tips, and more to help WCC faculty with preparing their applications for contract renewal, promotion, tenure and 5-year review.

Contract Renewal Guidelines & Forms

Contract Renewal

The Contract Renewal process is applicable to all eligible faculty during their probationary period. Assessments and recommendations must be conducted during the probationary period in accordance with Article XII E. of the Unit 7 Agreement and the Department/Division Personnel Committee procedures.

Contract Renewal is also applicable to faculty members on limited term contracts who are appointed to positions for a specific time period.

Contract Renewal Resources

  • Heipua Kaopua recommends the Wilson Jones View Tabs 5- or 8- pack for organizing your dossier and appendices. She found them at the Kalihi Office Depot for $5. 
  • Deacon Hansen recommends a collection of short video tutorials on setting up your Table of Contents in MS Word. Description: "Prepare document headings so that Word will generate the TOC automatically, and customize the look and settings for the TOC."‚Äč

Concurrent Application for CR & Tenure

Important! When applying for contract renewal and promotion in the same year, you must submit two (2) complete applications. One needs to be an original, and the other may be a copy.

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