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Dossier Hui Resources: Timeline

Guidelines, tips, and more to help WCC faculty with preparing their applications for contract renewal, promotion, tenure and 5-year review.

On Dossiers

"The higher goal, however, is not to create a portfolio for someone to examine once a year or once every few years for the narrow purpose of securing a salary raise or a promotion or the golden fleece of tenure. The real purpose is to examine yourself constantly, to emerge from the process of creating or redoing the portfolio as a better, more aware person and teacher than when you started out." -- Louis Schmier (source)


Note: Dates for the Academic Year are announced in the preceding summer.

Pertains to: Date(s) Action
Non-Lecturer Faculty August New guidelines, forms and deadlines received from UHCC for the following year
Faculty 5-Years beyond last evaluation September 1 Chancellor notifies faculty of scheduled review with CC to their Division Chair or equivalent
Tenured Faculty October Departmental Personnel Committee exemption requests and elections
DC's & DPC's October Informational meeting for Departmental Chairs & Departmental Personnel Committees on operational guidelines and classifications
T&P Applicants Oct. 6, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. Tenure & Promotion Application Deadline: Submit to the Chancellor's Office by 4:30 p.m.
T&P Applicants Oct. __, 2017 Chancellor sends exclusion option memo to tenure and promotion candidates
Contract Renewal Applicants Oct. 13, 2017 by 4:30 p.m. Faculty Contract Renewal application deadline: Submit to your Dean/Director/VCSA by 4:30 p.m.
Oct. __, 2017 Lecturer Step Placement Form Due to the Academic Affairs Office. 
T&P Applicants
Oct. __-__, 2017 Departmental Personnel Committees (DPC's) review Tenure and Promotion (T&P) dossiers
?? Oct. __, 2017 Exclusion option list due to the Chancellor
Contract Renewal Applicants
Nov. __, 2017 Department Personnel Committees (DPC) submit completed contract renewal application reviews.
T&P Applicants Deans/Directors/VCSA Nov. - Dec. Dean/Director/VCSA reviews tenure & promotion applications
Contract Renewal Applicants
Dept. Chairs
Dec. __, 2017 Department Chairs submit completed contract renewal application reviews.
5-Yr Review Faculty  December 1 Review document due to Division Chair or equivalent
Contract Renewal Applicants Deans/Directors/VCSA December Dean/Director/VCSA reviews contract renewal applications
5-Yr Review Faculty
Division Chairs
December Division Chair or equivalent meets with faculty member to share recommendations
Contract Renewal Applicants
December Vice Chancellor/Director/VC to review contract renewal applications & dossiers
T&P Applicants
January Tenure and Promotion Review Committees (TPRC's) review T&P dossiers
T&P Applicants
Feb. - Mar. Chancellor reviews dossiers & meets with TPRC's on any T&P negative actions
5-Yr Review Faculty
Div. Chairs/Vice Chancellors
February __, 2018 Division Chair or equivalent submits completion report to Vice Chancellor
5-Yr Review Faculty
Vice Chairs/Chancellor
February __, 2018 Vice Chancellor or equivalent submits report to the Chancellor
Lecturers Mar. __, 2018 Lecturer Step Placement Form Due to the Division Dean's secretary.
Lecturers April __, 2018 Deadline to submit Lecturer Evaluation to the Division Dean's secretary.
T&P Applicants
Apr. __, 2018 Chancellor submits recommendations to UHCC Human Resources Office
T&P Applicants
May __, 2018

Faculty scheduled for tenure consideration in 2018-19 or later to submit a request to the Chancellor to shorten their probationary period for tenure consideration to 2017- 2018.

Faculty to submit a request to Chancellor for an extension of their probationary period up to 2 years during their 4th year as provided for in Article XII.C.2.b. of the current UHPA/UH contract.

T&P Applicants June __, 2018 The UH Board of Regents acts on tenure and promotion recommendations
T&P Applicants
June __, 2018 The Chancellor notifies candidates of actions
Tenure Recipients July 1, 2018 Tenure effective date
Promotion Recipients Aug. 1, 2018 Promotion effective date

Updated 7/12/2017


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