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WCC Kōnane Tournament: Kōnane Tournament 2021

A guide to tournament rules at Windward Community College.

Welina mai!

Kōnane Tournament 2021

Rules for Kōnane Tournament Play at WCC

There are many styles and variations of the game kōnane. For the Windward CC Kōnane Tournament, we'll have adapted kōnane rules from Kilolani Mitchell's "Hawaiian Games to Play."

Game Pieces

kōnane board and ʻiliʻili

We will be using the following for this tournament:

  • papamū - a kōnane board; although boards come in many spaces and dimensions, we will use an 8x8 board with sixty-four positions
  • ʻiliʻili - colored stones placed on the papamū; we will use 32 black ʻiliʻili and 32 white ʻiliʻili

Summary of Tournament Play Rules

Listed below is a summary for the rules of WCC tournament play:

Player to make the last move wins.

Not the player who claimed the most pieces.

  • On the signup sheet, player 1 controls the black ʻiliʻili and player 2 controls the white ʻiliʻili. 
  • Black moves first. Permissible first moves include removing a black ʻiliʻili from one of the corners or from the center.
  • White moves next. White must remove a white ʻiliʻili adjacent to the empty space. For example, if the black removes the black ʻiliʻili from the bottom-most left corner, white must remove a white ʻiliʻili above or to the right of the empty space.
  • Black moves next. Black moves over a white ʻiliʻili into a vacant space. Movement can only be done horizontally or vertically, not diagonally. Remove the white ʻiliʻili from the papamū.
  • White makes the next move skipping over a black ʻiliʻili into a vacant space. Remove the black ʻiliʻili from the papamū.
  • Continue until one of the players makes the last move. The player to make the last move wins.

Other considerations:

  • Multiple jumps in the same direction are permissible.


Zoom Link:

Password: makahiki


If you need assistance during the tournament, there will always be a game referee present in the Zoom tournament meeting. To access the Zoom tournament meeting, use the link: [TBD].

2:00 PM -- Opening (via Zoom)

2:10 PM -- History of Kōnane; Tournament Rules; Schedule (via Zoom) 

2:30 PM -- Breakout Kōnane Rooms (via Padlet) 

2:45 PM -- Tournament Play

3:45 PM -- Closing and Prizes (via Zoom) 

4:00 PM -- Pau!


Sign up for the 2021 Kōnane Tournament

Kōnane Rooms

Kōnane rooms for the tournament can be accessed through Padlet:

You will see some kōnane resources as well as "Kōnane rooms."

In the comments section for each Kōnane Room, add your name and which player you want to be. If you want to control the black ʻiliʻili, write player 1 and your name. If you want to control the white/yellow ʻiliʻili, write player 2 and your name. Once two players have commented on a post, click on the "pink "" image above the comments. 

After you finish the game, write in the comments who won.

Virtual Kōnane Board and Pieces

The virutal kōnane board and pieces were created with the online software, When you enter a kōnane room, you will see a virtual papamū and ʻiliʻili. Please note, that like the physical game, you will have to move the pieces on the board yourself. This includes removing your opponent's piece that you have claimed. 

At the end of the game, please place pieces back on the papamū.

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