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MUS 177 - Introduction to Hawaiian Music: Mission 4: Haʻilono Mele

Search Hints

Ha'ilono Mele Newsletters are available in full-text on Ulukau. To begin, you will first need to find the Ha'ilono Mele Newsletters on Ulukau.

You can do this by searching "Hailono Mele" in the search box to the right.

Once you find Ha'ilono Mele Newsletters, start with a keyword search by typing in the full name of your composer, i.e. Lena Machado

If you find multiple articles, select the ones that have biographical information.

Find an article in Ha'ilono Mele Newsletters about your composer


insert a with kahako  insert e with kahako  insert i with kahako  insert o with kahako  insert u with kahako  insert okina

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