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Hawai'i K-12 Education: Credibility Rubric

Resources on Hawai'i K-12 Education

Credibility Rubric







No references made to where the information came from, or the referenced sources are of poor quality. 0 points.

Refers to information sources, but does not provide complete citations, or provides a bibliography, but no in-text reference, or cites low or moderate-quality information sources. 2 points.

Provides complete citations, including in-text references, to show you where the information came from. The references are to good quality sources. 3 points.


Public or
Peer Recognition

Little or no evidence exists that this author or organization is regarded as an expert on this topic. (Not often quoted in mainstream media or cited in scholarly publications). 0 points.

Some evidence suggests that others regard this author or organization as an expert. Author may have given workshops or presentations at conferences, or served as an invited speaker.
2 points.

Significant evidence exists that this author or organization is regarded as an expert on this topic. (Frequently quoted in mainstream media or frequently cited in scholarly publications). 3 points. 



No evidence exists that this author or organization has relevant training and experience in the field or discipline. Author may be a professional writer, but without a background in the topic.  0 points.

Some evidence exists to suggest at least some relevant training and experience. The author may or may not have some experience working in the discipline, or might be a journalist specializing in writing in the broad discipline. 1 point.

Significant evidence that this author or organization has relevant training and substantial experience in the field, such as advanced degrees in the discipline, leadership roles in the field, or a history of publishing on the topic. 3 points.








Strongly biased: Presents one-sided arguments without consideration of other points of view. May present more opinion than fact, or only present facts that agree with a single point of view. May present the topic in oversimplified or stark (black & white) terms. 0 points.

Somewhat biased. Presents and supports a particular point of view, but intelligently acknowledges and refutes other viewpoints. 1 point.

Information is given in a balanced way. Uses neutral language. May dispassionately discuss multiple/competing points of view. May acknowledge complexities within the subject matter. 2 points.



Information presented in an unprofessional manner. May have grammatical or typographical errors. May include volatile language. 
0 points.

Information is presented in a mature, yet informal manner, such as in an email message or chatty blog post. ½ point.

Information presented in a professional or formal manner. Contains no grammatical or typographical errors. Neutral or detached language used throughout.

1 point.


Total Points:


Credibility Ratings:

0-4 points: Low credibility, overall. Avoid relying on this source; Look for more credible sources.

4-8 points: Moderate credibility, overall. Use with reasonable caution; Verify data in other sources. If you detect bias, seek out information from sources representing neutral or alternate points of view.

9-12 points: High credibility, overall. Use with reasonable confidence.

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