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Hawai'i K-12 Education: Resources

Resources on Hawai'i K-12 Education

Education Reform Topics

View some ideas listed in: Sifferlin, Alexandra A. "How To Make Schools Better For Kids." Time, 7 Sept. 2015, pp.36-37.

Morel ideas from Wikipedia on "Education Reform."

  • Longer school day or school year
  • After-school tutoring
  • Charter schools, school choice, or school vouchers
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Improved teacher quality
    • Improved training
    • Higher credential standards
    • Generally higher pay to attract more qualified applicants
    • Performance bonuses ("merit pay")
    • Firing low-performing teachers
  • Internet and computer access in schools
  • Track and reduce drop-out rate
  • Track and reduce absenteeism
  • English-only vs. bilingual education
  • Mainstreaming special education students
  • Content of curriculum standards and textbooks
  • Funding, neglected infrastructure, and adequacy of educational supplies
  • Student rights

Selected Resources

Local Publications

Education Databases

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