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Public Speaking & Speech Resources: Evaluating Sources

Information resources for preparing and delivering speeches and presentations.

The CRAAP Test

One way to evaluate a source of information is to apply the CRAAP Test developed at Cal State University at Chico. Use the initials to remind you to evaluate your source in terms of:

Currency - When was the information published? What time period is the information about? Do you need this information to be up to date?

Relevancy - How useful is this information to you? To what breadth and depth is the topic covered?

Authority -  Who provided this information? Is the individual or organization an expert on the topic?

Accuracy - Is the information backed up with sound evidence? Has the information been reviewed by others for quality?

Purpose or Point of View - Why was this information provided in this way? What point-of-view does the information source have about the topic?

You can view or download a rubric to help you evaluate information sources, called Thinking Critically about Web Information: Applying the CRAAP Test (Lamar State College Library).

Video - Evaluating Resources

Information Source Evaluation – CRAAP Exercise A

Use the CRAAP Test to evaluate the following websites.

Which of these sites would be best to use for a college-level paper or presentation on the following research question: how can new technologies improve the quality of life?

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5

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