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Public Speaking & Speech Resources: Reference

Information resources for preparing and delivering speeches and presentations.


Biography - About a person
Bibliography - List of sources of information, such as articles and books
Autobiography - A biography written by the person it's about
Contemporary - About living people (at the time of publication)
Historical - About people no longer living
Works - Compositions, performances, recordings, etc.
Signed - Articles with a named author

Keys to Finding Biographical Information

Name - Including variant spellings, nicknames, and "Americanized" names
e.g., Rachmaninoff OR Rachmaninov

Time Period - During which the person lived & worked
e.g., Renaissance, 17th Century

Country or Region - Where the person lived
e.g., Japan, Southeast Asia, Pacific Rim

Occupation - Including various ways to describe their occupation
e.g., lawyer, attorney, painter

Characteristics - Such as ethnicity, gender, genre, etc.
e.g., black, women, post-modern, expressionist

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General Biographical Reference

When doing biographical research you might look for entries in:

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Other Biographical Resources

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