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Windward Community College Library: Library Research Units (LRU)

About the Library Research Units

Why do the Library Research Units?

  • To learn about library resources & services
  • To become familiar with the college research process
  • To save time and hassle by improving your ability to find good information fast for any reason

What’s the Process?

  1. Work through the study guides
  2. Take the corresponding quizzes
  • You have two hours from the time you begin to complete 15 questions. 
  • You need a minimum score of 10 to pass.
  • For a higher score, review and retake the quiz up to three times.
    • Review the questions you missed and the relevant sections of the study guides. Each question links to the related sections of the study guides. 
    • Let a librarian know if you want additional retakes. They'll review the quiz with you and give you another try.
  • Only your highest score counts.

Additional Notes:

  • If you have questions or technical issues, contact a librarian. Call 808-235-7338 during service hours.
  • Your instructor sets your deadline(s) for you to complete the Library Research Unit.
  • If you completed any Library Research Units within the previous three years, a librarian will transfer your score(s). 
  • Scores earned more than three years ago do not transfer because library resources & curricula change over time. 

Doing College Research: An Overview

Research is a process. Although the process isn't entirely linear, there are several main aspects to doing college research:

Analyzing your research topic, question, or problem.
Searching for information that you need.
Evaluating the information you find.
Citing the sources of information you use.

LRU Introduction Video

LRU Introduction Video

Can't see the video?
Try this link or read the transcript.


When do I need to have the LRU finished?
Your instructor sets your due date(s). Check the syllabus or ask your instructor. 

Can I skip the Study Guides & just do the quizzes?
Most people who try this don't pass the quizzes (and don't learn stuff that will save them time when they do research in the future).

I scored less than 10. Now what?
Review your quiz, Use the links from the questions you missed to review the relevant sections of the study guide. If you need more than three retakes, contact a librarian. They’ll go over the quiz with you and give you another chance.

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