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World Religions: Daoism

Information resources on world religions to support students of WCC's religion courses.


A painting of the Daode Tianzun, the deified Laozi
By Lawrencekhoo [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Browsing the Shelves

Find materials on Taoism in a college library using the call numbers within the BL 899 - BL1942.85 range.

To find items in a public library on Taoism, look for items with the call number 299.514.

Note: For items on particular subjects, such as Taoist Art, use the library's catalog to find the specific call number.

Important Taoist Texts

When Chinese names and words are written phonetically in our roman alphabet, we often end up with different spellings.

道 = Tao = Dao = "The Way"
道德經 = Tao Te Ching = Daodejing = Dao De Jing = "The Book of the Way of Virtue"
老子 = Lau Tzu = Lao-Tzu = Laozi  = "Old Master" 
莊子 = Chuang-tzu = Zhuangzi = Zhuang Zhou = "[The Writings of] Zhuangzi"
易经 = I Ching = Yijing = Yi jing = Yì jīng = "Classic of Changes"

Books about Taoist Texts

Selected Books on Daoism

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