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Located in Hale La'akea
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Windward Community College Library
45-720 Kea‘ahala Rd.
Kāneʻohe, HI 96744

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About This Guide

We welcome you to the Library!

Librarian Tara will be your guide, today. She will: 

Show you collections of Quotations

Show you ways to find Biographical Information

Show you ways to find Images, Audio & Videos

Show you two ways to Evaluate Information

Show you some books on making great Presentations

Your Assignment:

Choose an inspirational quote and create a 5-minute presentation. The content of your presentation will be evaluated for your IS 103 grade (25 points) and the technical portion of your presentation will be evaluated for your ICS 101 grade (25 points).

IS 103 Requirements:

  • Who wrote/said the quote?
  • Explain the tie period of the quote.
  • Explain the context of the quote.
  • What is it about this quote that inspires you?

ICS 101 Requirements:

  • We covered Microsoft PowerPoint in class. Choose a DIFFERENT presentation software (Google Slides, Prezi, Haiku Deck, etc.) and use the skills you learned in PowerPoint to create your presentation .
  • Must include at least 3 sources
  • Must include at least 5 images
    • One of these may be a video, but you may only play 30 seconds at the most.
  • Must include a bibliography (Works Cited)
  • In the Answer Box provided by your instructor, state what application you used and write at least one paragraph about similarities and one paragraph about differences you noticed between the two applications .

Your Librarian - Tara

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