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Windward Community College Library: Request Items from Other Libraries

Request Items from Other Libraries

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Request a UH Library Item

Need something WCC Library doesn't have? University of Hawaiʻi students, faculty, and staff can request items from other UH ​System libraries via a service called "intrasystem loan".

Who can use this service?

Any current UH student, faculty, or staff with less than $10 in outstanding fines.

Is there a fee?

There is no charge to request items from other UH libraries.

What can I request?

Materials such as books, book chapters, articles, DVDs, and other audiovisual materials. The decision to lend materials or provide copies is at the discretion of the supplying library.

Where do I pick up my items, and how do I know when they're ready?

You will receive an email when your requested item is available. Items requested to the WCC Library can be picked up at the Circulation Desk with photo ID. You can also request items be sent to another UH campus library for pickup.
Books will be held for 10 days from the date of notification and media for 3 days, unless otherwise specified by the supplying library. 

How long can I keep the items?

The circulation policy is defined by the supplying library-- see Loan Periods & Limits for details. Items may be returned to any UH System library.

Find the item you need in the Voyager catalog. Then:

  1. Click "Get This Item" in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Log in with your UH username and password.
  3. Click on the first option in the list: "Hold or transfer this item".
  4. Choose your desired pickup library from the drop down menu.
  5. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the screen.

For more help, see this helpful guided video on how to place an intrasystem loan. 

Request an Article in the UH Library System

If WCC Library does not have an item you need, extend your search to all University of Hawaii libraries in the Voyager online catalog. 

Once the desired journal has been located, click "Get this Item" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Login with your UH username and password.

Choose "Request Article: Send to Windward CC".

Fill in all article citation information and click submit.

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Request an Article

What is our Article Request Service?

The WCC Article Request service is the procurement of articles that are not available at Windward Community College Library or in the University of Hawaii Library System. This interlibrary loan service is used to supplement the curriculum and scholarly research for faculty/staff and students at Windward Community College. 

Note: You may also request articles from journals available at other UH Libraries. 

Who can use this service?

Current Windward Community College faculty, staff, and students are eligible to use this service as long as they don't have fines exceeding $10.00. 

What can you request?

You can request journal articles and book chapters, which are delivered electronically. Currently, WCC Library cannot provide any book, A/V, or microfiche interlibrary loans. 

Is there a fee?

There is no charge for requesting articles or book chapters. 

Do items have to be returned?

Electronically delivered items do not need to be returned. 

Request an Article Outside of the UH Library System

If you have determined the libraries of UH do not have your desired article, please submit your request one of the following ways:

Requests directly to WCC Library

You can submit an Article Request Form directly to our Interlibrary/Intrasystem Loan Department. Use this form when you already have the necessary citation information. 

Direct requests can also be made via email, or an in-person meeting with a librarian. Please contact a librarian by email or at the Help Desk if you need assistance placing a request or locating an article. 

Requests through a WCC Library database

When conducting research in a library database or Google Scholar, and you find that there is no PDF or HTML direct link, click the "Check in other WCC Databases" link below the article citation. If there is no full text available at WCC, click the "GO" link next to ILL: Request document via Local Document Delivery System. 

An auto-populated form, with the article citation information, will generate. Check that the citation information is for the article you are requesting. Be sure to include your full name, email address, and UH ID (in one of the notes sections). This will NOT automatically fill in. 

Request an Article in the UH Library System

If WCC Library does not have an item you need, extend your search to all University of Hawaii libraries in the Library Catalog

Once the desired journal has been located, click "Get this Item" in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Login with your UH username and password.

Choose "Request Article: Send to Windward CC"

Fill in all article citation information and click submit.

Not sure which way to request? Contact the help desk and speak to a librarian! 

How many articles can you request?

There is no cap on the number of article requests per patron during their time at WCC. However, please allow for sufficient processing time from the Interlibrary Loan department.

How long will it take to receive my request?

Please allow 3 business days for processing. Requests may arrive sooner or later, depending on availability.

How do I cancel my request?

Please contact us, via phone or email, with the title information and we can cancel the request for you.  

How will I know when my article request is available?

All requests are delivered electronically and will be in your inbox of the email you supplied in the request form. 

How do I access my requested article when the email arrives?

All requests will be accessed in PDF format or via the Article Exchange portal. Click on the short link, enter the password and click "Get my File". This will download the file, to be opened in a PDF reader. 

Note: Articles available at UH will be delivered via email in PDF format.

Once I've received my article, how long will it stay online?

You can access your article up to 5x or within 30 days (which ever happens first) using the Article Exchange link and password. It is recommended you view or download and save to your computer or drive before those parameters expire, as they are deleted afterwards. 


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Before submitting any forms, please check that WCC does not already have access to your required materials. 

If you are ready to submit an Interlibrary Loan Article Request, click on the form below. Be sure to include your UH ID number, full name, and article citation information. 

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