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Windward Community College Library: Library Research Unit (LRU)

About the Library Research Unit

Go to the LRU's on Laulima

Why do the Library Research Units?

  • Introduce you to the College Research Process
  • To save time and hassle by improving your ability to find good information fast for any reason

What’s Covered?

Part One: The Library

  • The Library: Services, resources, & policies
  • The Library Catalog

Unit Two: Analyzing and Searching

  • Analyzing: The research question, keywords, & strategies
  • Searching: Finding magazine & journal articles

Unit Three:  Evaluating & Attributing Sources

  • Evaluating information
  • Attributing sources

What’s the Process?

  1. Login to the Library Research Units (LRU's) on Laulima. You can also access via the link on the WCC Library homepage; Click on the LRU Quick Link and log in with your UH username and password.
  2. Go through the study guides. Begin with module 1.1 and read the study guide. Return to the LRU home page and work through the next study guide.
  3. Take the Unit 1 Quiz. Find the link on the LRU home page.
    • You have two hours from the time you begin to complete 15 questions.
    • You need to get at least 10 out of 15 points for credit.
    • You can take the quiz twice, initially, with a no wait between attempts.
    • If you need another retake, ask a librarian to review the quiz with you. The librarian will then re-release the quiz to you (repeat as needed).
    • Only your highest score counts.
  4. Do Units 2 and 3. Each unit has two study guides and a Quiz, just like Unit 1. 

Additional Notes:

  • If you have questions or technical issues, see a librarian or call 808-235-7338 during open hours.
  • Your instructor sets your deadline(s) for you to complete the Library Research Unit.
  • If you completed any Library Research Units within the previous three years, a librarian will transfer your score(s). 
  • Earlier scores do not transfer because library resources & curricula change over time. 
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