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HWST 270 - Hawaiian Mythology: Books

Resources on Hawaiian mythology for HWST 270.

Getting Started

The first step in researching Hawaiian Mythology is looking for books that have been written about your chosen topic. Luckily, we have an excellent online index called the Hawaiian Legends Index that can help you find all kinds of books about your topic.

To begin:

1. Go to the Hawaiian Legends Index
2. If you know your topic, start with a "subject search"
3. If you don't know your topic, start with a "subject browse"

For the print version of the Hawaiian Legends Index, click here

Ka Mo'olelo o La'ieikawai (1863)



This is the opening page of the book, Ka Mo'olelo o Lā'ieikawai by S.N. Haleole published in 1863. This book is very important for Hawaiian myths and legends because it had the first legend ever published in a book. In this "olelo hoakaka" or introduction, the author Haleole writes how excited he was to publish this book, the first of its kind for Hawaiians, about Hawaiians, and by Hawaiians. This book radically transformed the publishing landscape of Hawaiian myths and legends, opening the doors for more Hawaiian Legends to be published in books and in periodicals. 

Photo credit: Kapena Shim

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