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ASTR 130 - Archaeoastronomy: Library Presentation

Research resources on prehistoric cultures' understanding of astronomical phenomena.

Librarian Tara's Presentation

Aloha! Librarian Tara here.

Dr. Ali asked me to give you a presentation on doing research for your ASTR 130 project.

The videos on the right comprise that presentation. It will take about 41 minutes to watch them all. This is a description of what each video is about:

1. Keywords, Wikipedia and Google Scholar (14 min) – In this screencast, I talk about using Wikipedia to help you come up with the keywords that will help you find relevant information sources on your topic. Then I show you some cool things about Google Scholar, and how to set up Google Scholar to link to articles within databases available through the colleges in which you are enrolled.

2. Additional Databases (7 min) – In which I briefly discuss some of the databases to which the WCC Library subscribes, and which might prove useful for your project.

3. Types of Publications (6 min) – This focuses on the characteristics that help define General Interest, Trade, and Scholarly publications.

4. How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Research Articles (5 min) – This shows how to skim through parts of an article to determine if it suits your needs before you invest time in reading the whole thing. Thanks to the University of Minnesota Libraries, it could save you hours of time!

5. Credible Websites? (4 min) – This one walks you through what I call the "Six Ws" method of evaluating an information source (Hint: it's not just for websites!): Who What When Where Why and How. It's from the Vermont Technical College's Hartness Library.

6. Credibility Rubric (5 min) – Back to Librarian Tara, talking this time about rating your information sources on various criteria that indicate level of credibility. 

Background Information

Magazine & Journal Articles

Print & Digital Books

Video & Film

ASTR 130 Keywords, Wikipedia and Google Scholar

ASTR 130: Additional Databases

ASTR 130: Types of Publications

Credible Websites?

Hartness Library. "Credible Websites?" Vermont Technical College, 22 June 2012. YouTube. CC licensed.

How to Read and Comprehend Scientific Research Articles

ASTR 130: Credibility Rubric

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