Hawaii Voyager

Getting the Details

Do the following: Click on the title of the first item in the list.

This gives you the full record of information about the item (author, title, etc.).

Do the following: Scroll down and look at the information for this item, including its location(s) and availability.

Location is Everything!

Many libraries share Hawaii Voyager; pay attention to:

Illustrates item in two libraries

Note: When you choose the Windward CC quick limit, the results list will only show items owned by the WCC Library. However, the quick limit doesn't hide the fact that the items might also belong to other libraries.

Do the following: While you're here, take a quick look at the options on the right that allow you to request an item, or to print, save, or share information about the item:

Depicts options to print, save, share, etc.

Beyond Quick Limits

Need more or different limit options? Use the Advanced Search screen.

Do the following: Click on the New Search tab near the top left corner: Depicts the New Search button

Do the following: Click on the Advanced Search tab: Depicts Advanced Search Tab

Here, you can limit search results by a date or date range, and/or by one or more library/location(s), type(s), format, or language(s).

Hint: Press the Ctrl (Cmd) key to select multiple options (i.e., English and Japanese).

(We'll explore this page in more depth later).

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