Hawaii Voyager

Basic Search Screen

Do the following: In the frame on the right, check to see that the Basic Search tab is selected. It looks like this:

Illustration of the "Basic Search" button

Do the following: Click inside the Search box to type in search terms:

Illustration of the "Search For" box

Do the following: Try it; type in: party girl

The Search By list lets you choose the kind of search you want. Some of the choices include:

Keyword - Type in your keywords in any order.

Title - Finds items with your keyword(s) anywhere in the title.

Title begins with - Enter the title in exact word order (but if it starts with an article (a, an, the, ka, etc.), leave that out).

Author (Last Name First) - no comma needed.

Subject Browse - Enter the Subject Heading for your topic.

Boolean Keyword (and, or, not) - We'll explain this later.

Do the following: In our example, Party Girl is the exact title, so choose Title begins with.

Illustration of the "search by" box

You can apply a Quick Limit to title and keyword searches.

Do the following: Try it; Click on Videorecording/DVD, then click Search.

Illustration of the Quick Limit box:

Illustration of the Search Button

Do the following: Learn about the results list on the next page.

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