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Plants of Hawai'i: Useful Websites

Getting Started

The websites in the next column are good web sources to find information on plants in Hawai'i. 

If you Google your plant, be sure to evaluate the websites you find using the CRAAP test.

WAIT! What is the CRAAP test?

The CRAAP test can help you evaluate the credibility and usefulness of a website. 

Currency: How timely is the information? Has more recent research been done?

Relevancy: How relevant is the information to your needs? Is it useful to what you need to know or do?

Authority: Who is the source of the information? Is the author or organization an expert? How do you know?

Accuracy: Is the information reliable and true? How can you verify the information?

Purpose: Why does the information or website exist?

Selected Websites on Plants in Hawai'i

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