Japanese Language Resources


Japanese Language Reference Books

Japanese Words and their uses. REF PL 679 M58 1983
Explains how and why 300 words are used.
A Reference Grammar of Japanese. REF PL 533 M28
Japanese Character Dictionary: With compound Lookup via Any Kanji. REF PL 677.5 .S63 1991
With "each compound listed under its constituent characters".
Japanese & English Idiomatic Equivalents. REF PL 679.D53
For when you need a Japanese equivalent to "Haste makes waste," or other expression.
A New Dictionary of Kanji Usage. REF PL679 K87 1982
2,000 of the most frequently used Kanji.
Japanese-English Dictionary. REF PL 679 .B7 1969
Short entries of equivalent words.

Japanese Language Fiction

Rasheomon, and other stories. PL 801 J8 R3 1964
The Hateful age. PL 834 .I8H313
The Izu dancer and others. PL 832 A91913
These have short stories in both Japanese and English, side by side.


Hawaii Hochi - daily Japanese language newspaper in Hawaii. Paper issues are kept for the current and previous month. Some articles are available online.

Online Resources

Japanese Language and Culture Network http://web.mit.edu/jpnet/index.html
Links to Websites of use to Japanese Language educators and students.
How to Use Japanese on the Internet http://www.hirayama.com/hideki/
Tips on how to get your computer and browser to handle Japanese.
Nihongo Mailing List http://www.crosswinds.net/~nihongoml/
A mailing list for beginning students of Japanese.
Babel Fish http://world.altavista.com/
Translate English words into Japanese and vice versa - will also translate whole webpages.
Shodouka http://web.shodouka.com/
View Japanese language websites without having to change browser settings, download plugins, or install programs.
Yahoo! Japan http://www.yahoo.co.jp/
Yahoo!'s directory to websites from Japan - in Japanese, of course.
BBS Japanese & English Chat http://www.apricotweb.com/
Chat online in real time.


Microsoft Global IME 5.02 http://www.microsoft.com/msdownload/iebuild/ime5_win32/en/ime5_win32.htm
The Japanese Language Pack allows you to type in Japanese
in MS Word and other Microsoft applications.

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