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Information Resources From or About Hawai‘i

The Hawai‘i State Government website provides links to State Departments, Commissions and Information Offices, media releases, featured services, messages from the Government and links to political organizations.
The City and County of Honolulu website has information from each of the CCH departments and agencies, CCH Ordinances, CCH sponsored events, and information about Honolulu.
New! Use the Hawaiian Legends Index to discover stories about places, mythological and historical figures, plants, animals, objects and activities, human characteristics, and geographical features.
Hokele Hokele - The Polynesian Voyaging Society's digital archive.
The Legislative Reference Bureau Library provides links to the Directory of State County and Federal Officials, Legislative Information Reference Service, numerous reports, manuals, handbooks and other publications, and the iClips Hawai‘i news compiler.
The CARD Online Catalog for the Legislative Reference Bureau Library, the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism Library, the Supreme Court Law Library and the Municipal Reference and Records Center.

The University of Hawai'i homepage provides access to the resources on all of the UH Campus websites. Use the search function to find information throughout the UH System.

The Hawai‘i Medical Library offers information about its resources and services, the Consumer Health Information Service and selected Medical Resources.
The Hawai‘i State Public Library System site contains updates of library issues, policies, and suggested reading lists. To search the Public Library Catalog click here
University of Hawaii at Manoa Library
The University of Hawai‘'i at Manoa Library provides a public-access catalog and links to online resources, including subject-based research guides and databases. Some databases require a login.
UH Manoa Library Hawaiian Collection
The UH Manoa Library Hawaiian Collection site includes bibliographies and assignment guides, digital newspapers and archives, and a searchable index of UH dissertations and theses.
Ukukau: Hawaiian Electronic Library
Ulukau: Hawaiian Electronic Library provides access to Hawaiian-English dictionaries, searchable Hawaiian language newspapers, the LegacyJournal of Hawaiian Language Sources, Hawaiian Genealogy indexes, Mahele Database, Hawaiian Place Names, a photograph collection, and other books.
Aloha United Way has a directory of social service organizations in Hawai‘i, and other resources.
HTA Logo
The Hawai‘i Tourism Authority oversees tourism from a statewide perspective. Site includes visitor statistics, reference papers and quarterly reports on tourism, HTA Style & Resource Guide, and state and county tourism strategic plans.
The Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism, provides development reports, statistics, and links to databases dealing with the economy of Hawai‘i.
Bishop Museum Databases
Access Bishop Museum Databases, including: Hawai‘i Biological Survey, Ethnobotany, Annotated Bibliography, Cultural Collections, Ethnology, Archaeological Projects, Manuscripts, Zooarchaeology, and more.
The Hawai‘i State Archives collects, preserves and makes available for research the records of the state and territorial governments, the Republic, and the Kingdom of Hawai‘i. Its Digital Collections include military records and a database of public officials.
UH Manoa Library Digital Collections
The UH Manoa Library Digital and Digitized Collections include The Annexation Of Hawai‘i, Fong Congretional Papers, War Records, and more.
Ulu'ulu ‘Ulu‘ulu: The Henry Ku‘ualoha Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawai‘i is the official state archive for moving images. Located on the University of Hawai‘i - West O‘ahu campus, the archive is dedicated to the care, preservation, and digitization of film and videotape related to the history and culture of Hawai‘i.
HBRL The Hawai‘i Business Research Library is a statewide research service for information on business and industry trends, standards, profiles, demographics, lists, forms, figures and more. Free "Research Starter Kits" available for students.
Kamehameha Schools Archive
The Kamehameha Schools Archive collects, organizes, preserves and stores historical information about Kamehameha Schools.
The Hawai‘i - Independent & Sovereign site provides information on the Hawaiian sovereignty movement as well as access to historical Hawaiian documents, legal documents, and links to other Hawaiian Sovereignty and Culture pages.
The Pacific Studies Initiative Project has instructional materials about the Pacific Islands, including syllabi, bibliographies, and links to online resources.
The Hawaiian Roundtable: Holo I Mua is a special report from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin covering a panel discussion regarding the Hawaiian sovereignty movement. In addition to transcript of the discussion and several related articles, the report includes links to pro-sovereignty and anti-sovereignty websites.
The Native Hawaiian Data Book published by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs contains statistical reports on issues of health, land, income, and housing of the Hawaiian people.
The Research Information Services (RIS) of the East-West Center focuses on the research, education, and professional development activities in Asia and the Pacific region. Holdings include statistical handbooks and unpublished research papers.
Polynesian Voyaging Society
The Polynesian Voyaging Society site contains a comprehensive body of information regarding traditional celestial navigation. Links to historical, ethnobotany, cultural and marine sites are posted.
Ava Konohiki
Ava Konohiki contains a wealth of information related to land in Hawai'i, including text and images sources. Among other items, the site includes original images of Land Commission Awards (along with transcriptions) and ahupua'a maps.
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