Selected Information Resources for Geography

With Emphasis on
Hawaiian Geography

Print Resources in the WCC Library

General Books

The Colombia Gazetteer of the World REF G 10.5 .C645 1998

Longman Dictionary of Geography REF G63 C56 1985

Facts on File Dictionary of Human Geography REF GF4 G66 1987

The Rhythms of Life WH527 .A93

The Times Concise Atlas of World History REF G1030 .T56 1986

Marine Atlas of the Hawaiian Islands ATLAS STAND G1534.21 .P5B3 1992

Atlas of Global Change ATLAS STAND GE149 .G4813 1998

Colour Atlas of the Surface Forms of the Earth REF GB406 .B6813 1992

Aerial Photograph Analysis of Coastal Erosion on the Islands of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii. HAWN GB 458.8 .M35 1991 (Located on the Atlas Stand)

The Times Atlas and Encyclopaedia of the Sea ATLAS STAND G2800 .T5 1989

Man on Earth OVERSIZE GF50 S53 1983

Atlas of United States Environmental Issues OVER SIZE G1201 .G3M3 1990

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science REF GE10 .M66 2000

Books on Hawaii

Atlas of Hawaii. Third ed. HAWN G1534.20 .U5 1998

Marine Atlas of the Hawaiian Islands: complete charts for mariners cruising the waters in and around Kau'i, Ni'ihau, O'ahu, Moloka'i, Maui, Kaho'olawe, and Hawai'i. ATLAS STAND G1534.21.P5 B3 1992

Geology of the State of Hawaii. HAWN QE11 .S78 1985

Roadside Geology of Hawaii. Hawn QE349 .H3H39 1996

Volcanoes in the Sea: the geology of Hawaii. Second ed. HAWN QE349 .H3M32 1983

Hawai'i Volcano Watch: a pictorial history, 1779-1991. HAWN QE524 .W75 1992

Hawaii: a natural history. HAWN QH198 .A1C27 1980

Islands in a Far Sea: nature and man in Hawaii. HAWN QH198 .H3C85 1988.

By Wind, by Wave: an interoduction to Hawaii's Natural History. HAWN GH198.H86 2000

Hawaii's Plants and Animals: biological sketches of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. HAWN QH198 .H3S74 1994

Plants and Animals of Hawaii. HAWN QH198.H3 S36 1991

Hawaiian Biogeography: evolution on a hot spot archipelago. HAWN QH198 .H3H38 1995

Alteration of Native Hawaiian Vegetation. HAWN QK473 .H4 C83 1990

Hawaiian Coral Reef Ecology. HAWN QH541.5 C7G85 1998

Aerial photograph analysis of coastal erosion on the islands of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii. ATLAS STAND GB458.8 .M35 1991

Native Planters in Old Hawaii: their life, lore, and environment. HAWN GN424 .H3

The Polynesian Family System in Ka-u, Hawaii. HAWN DU624.65 .H36 1972

Voices of Wisdom: Hawaiian Elders Speak. HAWN DU624.5 .H364 1999

Na Mea Makamae: Hawaiian Treasures. HAWN DU624.65 .Y6 1999

La'au Hawai'i: traditional Hawaiian uses of plants. HAWN DU624.65 .A22 1992

Plants in Hawaiian Culture. HAWN DU624.65 .K72 1993

Taro: mauka to makai: a taro production and business guide for Hawai'i growers. HAWN SB211 .T2T3

Taro in Hawaii. HAWN SB211 .T3B43 1979

Hawaiian Fishponds. HAWN SH133 .H3S9

Hawaiian Aquaculture System. HAWN SH35 .H3K5 1975

Tide and Current: Fishpond of Hawai'i. HAWN SH35 .H3W93 1992

Fornander Collection of Hawaiian Antiquities and Folk-lore. 3 vols. HAWN AM101 .B4473

Ka Po'e Kahiko (The People of Old). HAWN DU624.5 .K3

Kepelino's Traditions of Hawaii. HAWN AM101 B442 no. 95

Voices on the Wind: Polynesian Myths and Chants. HAWN BL2620 .P6L82 1986

Myths and Legends of the Polynesians. HAWN GR380 .A53 1969

Hawaiian Mythology. HAWN GR385 .B43 1979

Hawaiian Legends Index. HAWN Ref Z5984 .H3H39 1989

The Kumulipo: A Hawaiian Creation Chant. HAWN BL2620 .H3K83 1972

Kumulipo: the Hawaiian Hymn of Creation. HAWN BL2620 .H3K8 1978 v. 1

Kingship and Sacrifice: Ritual and Society in Ancient Hawaii. HAWN BL2620 .H3V35 1985

Legacy of the Landscape: an Illustrated Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological Sites. HAWN GN875 .H3K55 1996

Heiau of the Island of Hawai'i: a Historic Survey of Native Hawaiian Temple Sites. HAWN DU628 .H28S76 1991

Ancient Sites of Hawai'i: archaeological places on the Big Island. HAWN DU628 .H28J3 1995

Spirit of Place: Petroglyphs of Hawaii. HAWN GN799 .P4L47 1999

Sites of Oahu. HAWN DU628 .O3S8 1978


ARC News Geographic Information Systems newsletter

Geotimes Published by the American Geological Institute

Environment Hawaii


Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Newsletter

National Geographic Magazine

Online Resources

Hawaiian Plants Online

State of Hawaii GIS Program Access interactive maps of Hawaii

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Science Direct Science articles database.

NEC Research Index CiteSeer

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Geo-Guide Geosciences related search engine.

US Board on Geographic Names

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