Selected Information Resources for Geography

Print Resources in the WCC Library


The Colombia Gazetteer of the World REF G 10.5 .C645 1998

Longman Dictionary of Geography REF G63 C56 1985

Facts on File Dictionary of Human Geography REF GF4 G66 1987

The Rhythms of Life WH527 .A93

The Times Concise Atlas of World History REF G1030 .T56 1986

Marine Atlas of the Hawaiian Islands ATLAS STAND G1534.21 .P5B3 1992

Atlas of Global Change ATLAS STAND GE149 .G4813 1998

Colour Atlas of the Surface Forms of the Earth REF GB406 .B6813 1992

Aerial Photograph Analysis of Coastal Erosion on the Islands of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui and Hawaii. HAWN GB 458.8 .M35 1991 (Located on the Atlas Stand)

The Times Atlas and Encyclopaedia of the Sea ATLAS STAND G2800 .T5 1989

Man on Earth OVERSIZE GF50 S53 1983

Atlas of United States Environmental Issues OVER SIZE G1201 .G3M3 1990

Encyclopedia of Environmental Science REF GE10 .M66 2000


ARC News Geographic Information Systems newsletter

Geotimes Published by the American Geological Institute

Enviroaction - From the National Wildlife Federation

Environment Hawaii


Nature Conservancy of Hawaii Newsletter

National Geographic


Online Resources

Scirus Science only search engine

PSIgate Physical Sciences Information Gateway

NEC Research Index CiteSeer

National Atlas of the United States

Geographic Name Server

Fundamentals of Physical Geography Online textbook.

CIA World Factbook

Geography at Annotated links to all sorts of information.

Geo-Guide Collected links to online information in the earth sciences, selected for thier quality.

Global Change Master Directory Earth science and life science data sets.


Additonal Sites for Geography Research
newspaper (Japan)
news service (USA)
Cultural Survival (USA)
Christian Science Monitor newspaper (USA)
news service (USA)
National Public Radio (USA)
newspaper (USA)
newspaper (Japan)
info on Africa
info on Arab countries
newspaper (Thailand)
Daily Mail and Guardian newspaper (England)
newspaper (Colombia)
information (Europe)
newspaper (England)
newspaper (Israel)
news service (Iran)
newspaper (USA)
newspaper (Japan)
Sydney Morning Herald newspaper (Australia)
newspaper (USA)
Brookings Institute think tank (USA)
newspaper (India)
World Conservation Union (international)
environmental (Hawai'i)
environmental/tourism (Hawai'i)
environmental (international)
environmental (international)
environmental (Himalaya)
tour company
think tank (Japan)
environmental (Hawai'i)
environmental (rainforest)
tourism (Hawai'i)
environmental (USA)
environmental (Europe)
World Resources Institute think tank (USA)
alternative zine (Japan)
environmental (international)
indigenous nation (Canada)
National Park Service (USA)
Conservation Biology journal (USA)
government (Hawai'i)
cultural (Jamaica) cultural (Hawai'i)
tourism (Japan)
tourism (Hawai'i)
government (Maui County)
Annals of Tourism Research journal
tourism research (Australia)
tourism research (Australia)
tourism (Australia)
tourism research
tourism research
United Nations Environment Program
tourism research
Center for Strategic and International Studies (USA)
Center for International Earth Science Information Network
environmental (USA)
online journal
Haleakala National Park (Maui)
environmental (Himalaya)
Pew Center on Global Climate Change (USA)
United States Geologic Survey
United Nations World Conservation Monitoring Centre
Outward Bound travel organization (USA)
United Nations
environmental (rainforest)

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