Finding Historic Costuming Information
at the WCC Library

Sources of information about costuming may be found in:

  • Books on Fashion and Costumes
  • Books on Costume Design for Theater
  • Web sites

A Selection of Books at the WCC Library

WCC Main Collection GT510.B6713 1967a

Bouher, Francois 20,000 Years of Fashion.

WCC Main Collection PN 2067 S5

Shaw, William Harlan Basic Pattern Drafting for the Theatrical Costume Designer.

WCC Main Collection TT 633.C67 1980

Rosemary Ingham, Liz Covey Costumer's Handbook

WCC Main Collection TT 617.S36

O.E. Schoeffler Esquire's Encyclopedia of 20th Centry Men's Fashions

WCC Main Collection GT 510 P35 1965

Payne, Blanche History of costume, from the ancient Egyptians to the 20th century

WCC Oversized Book Collection GT 513.T512

Tilke, Max Costume Patterns and designs

Web Sites

The Costuming Page

Probably the best collection of online costuming resources.

Updated Feb. 21, 2002