Internet Search Engines and Directories  

Internet Search Engines

There are many Internet search engines and directories. Here are links to a few of them. Because none of these cover the entire Web, try your search in more than one search engine or directory.

Search    Yahoo!
       Type in a keyword or phrase.
       For example: baseball hall of fame

       Help   Advanced Search
This is an Internet Directory - a yellow pages for web sites. Links are arranged by categories. This form searches Yahoo! for both categories and individual sites. Try it for general topic searches. Note the links to other search engines at the bottom of the search results page. Click on Help for details on searching.

Search  Northern Light
      Use quotes around phrases; + to require a word; - to exclude a word.
      For example: +"lung cancer" +cigarettes -court

      Help Power Search
Try this large search engine for specific rather than general searches. Unlike other large search engines, it will sort the search results into helpful categories based on topic and type of website. Click on Help for details on searching.

Search  Ask Jeeves  
      Type in a question.
      For example: Who invented the steam engine?

This search engine tries to analyze the meaning of your question, and then provides links to web pages that may answer your question. Sometimes rephrasing a question will bring back different results, so try out several questions.

"Ask Jeeves is a trademark of Ask Jeeves, Inc., Copyright 1996-1999 Ask Jeeves, Inc."

Search   C Net
     Type in your search terms:

This is a "Meta-Search Engine", which searches several search engines at one time. Try this when you're looking for obscure information or when other search engines don't turn up anything.


Internet Resource Directories

These Resource Directories are put together by librarians, instructors, and other professionals to provide you with subject access to quality information on the Internet.

This is a collection of "guide sites", or online bibliographies about hundreds of subjects.

Librarian's Index to the Internet
"A searchable, annotated subject directory of Internet resources selected and evaluated by librarians" intended for public library users, but also useful for undergraduate students.
Academic Info Gateway
This is simple, no frills subject directory to college and research level academic information on the web.

Virtual Library
This resource directory is "is run by a loose confederation of volunteers who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert."

Internet Public Library
Check the Collections for reference, associations, literary criticism, and online books, newspapers and journals. Look at the Pathfinders for help on getting started on researching a particular topic.

This subject directory points to scholarly research collections and information on the Internet.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Internet Guide
Simultaneous searches for online Encyclopaedia articles, web sites, and magazine articles. You can also search the Merriam-Webster Dictionary from here.

Argus Clearinghouse to Topical Guides
This site organizes other resource directories by topic.
This is a directory of databases and subject-specific search engines available on the Internet.

This subject guide to Internet resources recommended by librarians.

Internet Scout Reports
An excellent guide to quality resources on the Internet.

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