Narrowing Your Topic

Think about your message…
In your paper…
WHAT might you
SAY about your topic?
What QUESTIONS might you
 ANSWER about your topic?

And how are you going to do it…
in just  (how many )  pages?

Narrowing Strategy 1: Aspect
Focus on a particular ASPECT of the topic:
 Not: Food
 But: Religious aspects of food

Narrowing Strategy 2: Time
Focus on your topic during a particular TIME PERIOD
Food production between
1990 and 2000

Narrowing Strategy 3: Type
Focus on a specific TYPE or CLASS of people or things as they relate to your topic:

Narrowing Strategy 4: Place
Focus on a particular PLACE
    Popular foods
        in Hawaii

Narrowing Strategy 5: Add Two Topics
Focus on the relationship between
Food and Gender

Now, a really big tip:
COMBINE different kinds of focuses:
    Food preparation as related to  gender roles in WASP homes in the United States from 1950 to 2000.

A Review of Narrowing Strategies:
Narrow your topic by focusing on:
Its relationship with a second topic
A combination of two or more of the above