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Course Reserves Policy

The WCC Library provides faculty a way to lend materials they have reserved for their students to use. These materials may include physical-format items such as books, DVDs, course packets, class notes, homework solutions, sample papers, models, etc. Faculty may supply their own personal copies or place library materials on reserve.

Submission Deadlines for Course Reserves Lists and Materials

Please submit your lists and materials by the following dates to ensure your students will have access from the first day of class:

Semester Deadline
Fall August 1
Spring December 1
Summer I May 1
Summer II June 1

While the semester is in session, submit lists and materials at least two weeks in advance of the assigned use of the material. The Library processes reserve requests in the order received.

How to Submit Course Reserves Lists and Materials

To place items on Course Reserves, download the Reserve List Form and submit in person at the Circulation Desk or email the completed form to

Library staff will retrieve library-owned items. Please bring personal copies directly to the Circulation Desk.

Labels and a barcode will be affixed to each item. Because materials may become damaged or lost, the Library advises against placing valuable or irreplaceable items on reserve.

Purchase Requests for Items Not in Library Collection

If you want to reserve an item that the Library does not own, Library staff will consider a request to purchase one copy. Due to cost and licensing restrictions, the Library does not purchase assigned textbooks.

To make a purchase request, email a complete citation for each item (including author, title, edition, publisher, ISBN and publication date) to

Allow at least two months for purchasing and processing items.

Number of Copies Per Course

Instructors may submit a maximum of three copies per title.

List Deactivation and Return of Materials

At the end of Spring semester, the Library will deactivate course reserves lists. Library staff will contact you to arrange pickup or delivery of items to your campus mailbox. Library-owned items will be returned to their respective shelves.

Reactivating Lists from Previous Semesters

Course Reserves lists are not reactivated automatically. Lists used within the past 2 years may be reactivated by submitting a request to

Restrictions on Course Reserve Materials

Copyright compliance is the responsibility of the submitting faculty member. The Library reserves the right to refuse or remove any course reserve item deemed impermissible under copyright law.

Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Code outlines the Fair Use doctrine, and Section 108 of the US Copyright Code specifies the circumstances under which libraries may use duplicated materials. The American Library Association has several resources to help you determine how you may use copyrighted materials.

Copyright law allows you to place a textbook on reserve at the Library, so long as it is not done in lieu of having students purchase their own copy.

The Library cannot reserve items from its Reference or Periodicals Collections or those belonging to another library.

Classroom Showings of Reserved Media

If you have placed an audio or video recording on reserve for one of your courses, you may borrow it for up to seven days, as long as the item is not on reserve for another course. Any other instructor may check out a reserved video or sound recording for up to 24 hours for classroom use. As a professional courtesy, we encourage communication between instructors to prevent misgivings or student hardship.

Questions? Contact Christy Lawes, Access Services Manager, at 235-7441 or

Policy updated 08/06/14

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