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Library Use and Conduct Policy

The resources and services provided at the Windward Community College Library are designed to support all College programs, faculty and students in their scholarly, research, and creative endeavors, and community members in their information needs and intellectual inquiries.

The Windward Community College Library seeks to provide users with a clean, safe, and quiet environment appropriate for study and inquiry. The Windward Community College Library Use and Conduct Policy is established for the benefit of all users of the Library and is applicable to all. Violations should be reported to Library staff, who will take appropriate action. This policy is enforceable by all members of the Library staff. Violators will be reported and pursued to the full extent of federal and state laws. Disruptive behavior may result in expulsion from the Library.

To ensure that the environment is conducive to study and research, all users are asked to abide by this Library Use and Conduct Policy.

Noise and Cell Phones

  1. Users must help to maintain a quiet environment and refrain from engaging in any behavior that interferes with the normal use and operation of the Library by others.

  2. Users are asked to quiet ringers and conduct cell phone conversations away from quiet study and book stack areas.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the Library except in staff areas and at special Library scheduled events. Non-alcoholic beverages may be consumed only from containers with lids.


Smoking is not permitted in the Library, the Library breezeway, covered walkways, or within 20 feet of the entrance. For further information, see the UH Tobacco Products Policy.

Library Materials

  1. Library materials are to be returned upon or before the expiration of the loan period or on request by the Library. Library materials, equipment or property must not be taken from library buildings without proper checkout or authorization. See the Library Circulation Policies.

  2. Library materials must not be concealed in the Library for the exclusive use of individuals or groups.

  3. Users must handle library materials carefully so that they are not defaced or damaged in any way. Users must not mark, underline, remove or fold pages or portions of pages, remove binding, or use post-its and paper clips.

  4. Users must obey applicable intellectual property law, including the U.S. Copyright Law.

Computer and Audiovisual Equipment Use

Users must follow the Windward Community College Library Computer and Audiovisual Equipment Use Policy. Windward Community College students, faculty, and staff have priority for accessing electronic resources and using library computer and audiovisual equipment. WCC affiliated users may be asked to limit their use of the equipment if others are waiting. Non-affiliated users may be asked to relinquish the equipment to WCC students, faculty, or staff at any time. Any user may be asked to show a valid WCC or University of Hawaii library card or identification.

General Rules of Conduct

  1. Individuals — either users or employees — must not engage in verbal or physical abuse, intimidation, sexual harassment or harassment on account of race, religion, ethnic or national background, gender or sexual orientation.

  2. Users engaging in vandalizing, altering or damaging library buildings, furniture or equipment, including computer systems, networks, programs or data, are in violation of Hawaii State Law and will be prosecuted to the full extent of that law.

  3. Users are responsible for their personal property.

  4. Users are required to leave the Library at closing and during emergency situations, drills or following a violation of this Library Use and Conduct Policy.

  5. Children should not be left unattended in the Library.

  6. Bicycles cannot be brought into the Library.

  7. Only animals trained to assist persons with disabilities are allowed into the Library.

  8. Firearms or other deadly weapons, explosives and/or explosive devices, or other dangerous devices are not permitted in the Library.

  9. Users must not interfere with an employee's performance of his/her duties.

  10. Users must not enter areas of the Library restricted to authorized staff.

Policy Violation

Any person who violates this use policy may be asked to leave the Library and may be refused future access to the building. Such persons may be subject to the sanctions of suspension, prosecution, forfeiture, warning and restitution, as well as criminal penalties and civil fines, and may be accountable to University and civil authorities (city, state, or federal). The Windward Community College Library Use and Conduct Policy supplements the University of Hawaii Systemwide Student Conduct Code and other University policies.

Revised 1/24/12

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