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Intrasystem Loan (ISL) Policy

Approved by the University of Hawai'i System Libraries' Library Council on September 9, 2005.

I. Introduction

The Libraries of the University of Hawai'i System are all part of the same institutional system. Therefore, the loan of materials between campuses for students, faculty and staff is considered to be intrasystem, and such a transaction called an IntraSystem Loan (ISL). These guidelines form the basis for a voluntary agreement adopted by the Libraries of the University of Hawai'i System to govern the rules for requesting and supplying an ISL among these libraries. 

ISL service is an essential means of resource sharing to expand the range of materials available to University of Hawai'i system students, faculty and staff. 

II. Definition

An ISL is a transaction in which library material, or a photocopy of the material, is supplied by one system library to another. This loan of materials between campuses is called an IntraSystem Loan (ISL).

III. Purpose

The purpose of ISL is to provide a broader range of resources, in a timely manner, for University of Hawai`i students, faculty and staff than would be otherwise available at one campus. ISL acts as an adjunct to, not a replacement of, the collection development policy of each system library.

IV. Fees

A. ISL fees may be charged by the supplying library to the requesting library. Shipping charges may be charged to the requesting library in addition to this service fee:

  • Loans - no fee
  • Photocopies - no fee up to 50 pages; $3.00 for each additional 50 pages
  • Audio-visual media and fiche duplicates - $3.00 per item 

B. Requesting libraries may impose transaction fees on patrons requesting loans.

V. Responsibilities of the Requesting Library

  • Each library shall provide the resources to meet the ordinary needs and interests of its students, faculty and staff. Materials obtained from another system library on behalf of its students, faculty and staff should generally be limited to those items that do not conform to the library's collection development policy or for which there is no recurring demand.

  • The requesting library shall make every effort to exhaust its own resources before using ISL.
  • To ensure students, faculty and staff are able to use materials in a timely manner, items may be obtained through ISL rather than through circulation Recall or Hold. 

  • Material borrowed from another library should not be put on reserve, with the exception of material from the home library to support distance education programs. In rare cases, when no other option but reserve is available, the consent of the supplying library must be obtained before putting a borrowed item on reserve. 
  • The requesting library is responsible for compliance with the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and its accompanying guidelines governing the reproduction of copyrighted material, and should inform its users of the applicable portions of the law.  

  • Material that does not circulate may be requested to be photocopied for a fee to be paid by the requesting campus if in compliance with the copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code). The supplying library may charge a fee for large photocopy orders as specified in this document.
  • Requests should be submitted using a standard Voyager form, which transmits the bibliographic description and holdings of the requested material. In rare cases when a system library requests an item for which there is no Voyager record, the request shall be submitted via email with the statement “cannot verify” along with information about the original source of the citation.
  • All items obtained through ISL will be charged directly to the patron. The patron is then responsible for returning the items. The supplying library's circulation and fining policies apply. Fines for ISL audio-visual items are charged at a higher rate to ensure prompt return of items.
  • Renewal of ISL materials should be undertaken directly by the patron through their own account in WebVoyage. 
  • Borrowers may request up to a total of ten (10) ISL items per day.

VI. Responsibilities of the Supplying Library 

  • The decision to lend materials or provide photocopies is at the discretion of the supplying library. 
  • The supplying library should process requests as promptly as staff resources allow. The conditions of the loan should be clearly stated.
  • The supplying library should promptly notify the requesting library when it is unable to fill a request, stating the reason for not filling the request. 
  • Loaned materials should be packaged carefully and delivered via Campus Mail whenever appropriate, or other expedited shipping method when not. Photocopies should be delivered electronically whenever feasible, either via Ariel® document transmission software, or as an email attachment.
  • ISL material remains the responsibility of the supplying library from the time the material leaves the supplying library until it is charged out to the patron.

VII. Duration of Loan 

  • Materials arriving at the requesting library will be held for the patron for ten days from the date of notification unless specified otherwise by the supplying library.
  • The duration of loans, unless otherwise specified, is the period of time materials may remain with the requesting library or patron, depending upon to whom these materials are charged at the end of this duration, excluding the time spent in transit. 
  • ISL materials should be returned promptly. 
  • All loaned materials may be subject to recall.  

IntraSystem Loan Policy is agreed to by the following Libraries of the University of Hawai'i System:

  • Honolulu Community College
  • John A. Burns School of Medicine Library
  • Kapi'olani Community College
  • Kaua'i Community College
  • Leeward Community College
  • Maui Community College
  • William S. Richardson School of Law Library
  • Windward Community College
  • University Center at West Hawai'i
  • University of Hawai'i at Hilo/Hawai'i Community College
  • University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
  • University of Hawai'i West O'ahu
Intrasystem Lending Policies
Main Collection
Special Collections
(videos, DVDs, etc.)
Accepts AV bookings for classroom showings
UH Mānoa Hamilton
Yes: includes Asia Collection No: Map Collection
Yes: (pending permission; multiple copies) Archives, Charlot, Gov. Docs., Hawaiian and Pacific Collections
see Sinclair/Wong see Sinclair/Wong
UH Mānoa Sinclair
Yes see Hamilton Yes (no charge in person; $3.00 charge if ISL) Yes
UH Hilo

No: Map or Special Collections

Yes: (pending permission) Hawaiian collection

No: DVD Collection
Yes: (faculty only pending permission) Videotape and CD Collections
Yes, for Faculty
UH West Oahu
Yes Yes Yes Yes
UH Honolulu CC
Yes No: Ocean Collection
Yes: Hawaiian and Popular Fiction Collections
Yes Yes
UH Kapi'olani CC
Yes Yes: Hawaiian Collection Yes No
UH Kaua'i CC
Yes No: Hawaiian Collection Yes (faculty only) Yes
UH Leeward CC
Yes No: ESL or Maps Collections
Yes: Hawaii/Pacific & Gov Docs Collections
Yes (except for select titles) Yes
UH Maui CC
Yes Yes: Hawaiian Collection No Yes
UH Windward CC
Yes No Yes (faculty, except Hawaiian Collection) Yes, for faculty
UH West Hawai'i Center
Yes Yes: Hawaiian Collection Yes Yes
UH School of Medicine
Yes (with exceptions) N/A N/A N/A
UH School of Law
Yes (with exceptions) No No Yes
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