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Fines & Lost Materials Policies For All Borrowers

Effective January 1, 2003

Overdue Fines

Overdue fines are assessed daily, including weekends and holidays, at the following rates:

  • Books & pamphlets: $.25 per day.
  • Recalled books: $.50 per day
  • Reserve materials, regardless of format: $.50 per day
  • Audiovisuals (Videos, CD-ROMs, DVDs): $1.00 per day
  • Laptops: $1.00 per hour or fraction of an hour
  • The maximum accumulated overdue fine is $10 per item

Lost or Damaged Library Materials

Library items that are long overdue are automatically declared lost. Specifically,
  • Books are lost when 41 days overdue
  • Reserve items are lost when 21 days overdue
  • Audiovisuals (videos) are lost when 11 days overdue
  • Laptops are lost when 10 hours overdue

A replacement fee of $60 or the actual replacement cost, whichever is greater, will be assessed for each lost or damaged library item (other than laptops or their batteries and AC adaptors. For these replacement cost details, see the Laptop Circulation Policies page). As an alternative, an exact replacement copy may be purchased and brought to the library. Accumulated fines of up $10 and a $10 processing fee will also be assessed for lost items.


Those who fail to pay appropriately imposed accumulated fines or fees of $10.00 or more will be blocked from borrowing any additional library materials until the fines are paid.

Additional sanctions may be imposed under the provisions of the Rules and Regulations Governing Delinquent Financial Obligations Owed the University of Hawaii including withholding grades, transcripts, and registration for classes and/or submittal to a Collection Agency or to the Hawaii State Tax Setoff program until the fines are paid.

Copies of the Rules and Regulations are on file at the library, the offices of the Dean of Instruction, Director of Administrative Services & the Provost, and can be viewed online at

Faculty and staff are covered by statutory law in those cases where an individual fails to make restitution for lost materials.


For information on appeals, go to the Fines and Fees Appeals page.

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