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HIST 151 – Religions Throw Down: 2nd Step – Preliminary Research

Resources for preparing to convert Emporer Knuuti to one of four classical period religions while dissuading him from the others.

It's All in the Name(s)

Names are crucial to finding historical informationAs you do your research, make a list of all the names you find with significance (include alternate spellings).

  • Names of influential individuals; legendary, historic, and honorific
  • Names of empires and historical periods
  • Names of groups of people, nationalities, etc.
  • Names of places; geographic and political

Knowing these can help you find what you want and identify what you got.

Some Things to Note...

This worksheet is on Google Drive:


Important names, empires, dates/periods, peoples/nationalities, places, etc. (search words):

Origin and spread:

Core characteristics/teachings:

Relationship to political authority:

Period empires touched by this religion:

Effects on culture:

Bragging points for the religion:

Areas of concern for the religion:

Great Tools for Preliminary Research

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