Basic Keyword Search

Next to the prominent EBSCOhost logo is a set of search boxes.

Depicts the search boxes

To find articles without setting any particular limits, this is all you need.

But sometimes you want more control over what your search will find.

The Search Options area lets you specify how to search and what to find, including these common options:

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Check "Find only FULL TEXT Items" to get items that you can read in their entirety.

2 Check "Find only items that have REFERENCES (citations)" for items that cite their sources.

To "Find only items from this DATE or DATE RANGE," enter at least the beginning year.

4 Check "Full Text" to find your search words anywhere in the items' descriptions, citations, abstracts, and entire texts. Best used to find items by a person's name, a scientific term, or keywords unlikely to appear in a title or summary.
5 Check "Find Item from PEER REVIEWED publications" to search only in scholarly journals. These are regarded for high quality because they publish original research articles that have passed scrutiny from experts in the authors' field.
6 Enter keywords from the title to "Find items from this PUBLICATION."
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