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Dossier Hui Resources: 5-Yr Review

Guidelines, tips, and more to help WCC faculty with preparing their applications for contract renewal, promotion, tenure and 5-year review.

About the Five-Year Review

"The University of Hawai'i Community Colleges (UHCC) are committed to effective teaching and successful learning. Given that commitment, and in accordance with Board of Regents policy, all community college faculty are evaluated at least every five years. These evaluations are based on the faculty classification plan which documents faculty expectations at each rank" (UHCPP 9.203 2015).

5-Yr Review Timeline

Windward Community College

Five-Year Review Timeline

September 1st

Chancellor to notify faculty of scheduled review & copy to respective *Division Chair or equivalent

December 1st

Faculty member submits review document to Division Chair or equivalent

December through mid-February

Division Chair or equivalent meets with the faculty member to share his/her recommendations

February 15th

Division Chair or equivalent submits a completion report to Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA) or equivalent

February 28th

VCAA or equivalent submits a report to Chancellor

*If the due date is on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the next working day.

** If the Division Chair is undergoing a Five-Year Review or if the Division Chair is at a lower rank than the faculty member being evaluated, the Division Personnel Committee will fill the role otherwise specified for the Division Chair in these procedures (with the Chair of the Committee acting for a majority of the Committee).‚Äč

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