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Dossier Hui Resources: 2015

Guidelines, tips, and more to help WCC faculty with preparing their applications for contract renewal, promotion, tenure and 5-year review.

May 18 – Overview

Prepare for Success: Know the review process, your audience, and evaluation criteria to optimize your message

Monday, May 18, 2015
11:00-1:00 in Hale Kuhina Rm 106

Guest: Dr. Heipua Kaopua, WCC Student Services


  1. Timeline for documents due in 2015

  2. Guidelines

  3. Handouts 

  4. ​Participants ​​questions / comments / concerns

  5. Preferences for future meeting topics and ​days of the week and ​times

June 1 - Teaching Philosophy

Monday, June 1, 2015
3:00-5:00 in Hale Kuhina, Rm 114

Guest Mentor: Tara Severns


  1. Teaching Philosophy - Discussion

  2. Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement Worksheet 
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