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Hawaii Newspapers at WCC - This page has a list and links to local newspapers available at the WCC Library and online.

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin gives free access to its archives. The Honolulu Advertiser gives free access to only its most recent articles through its website. Use Google to find articles that you can access for free.

Hawaii Newspaper Index - Use this to look up citations to articles from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser starting from 1989. Indexes to older newspapers are available in the Library. Take your citations to one of the WCC librarians who will help you track down the articles. Access Hawaii Newspaper Index through the Hawaii State Public Library System.

Hawaii Pacific Journal Index - Use this to find citations to journal articles about the Hawaii & Pacific region. Take your citations to a WCC librarian, who will help you track down the articles.

Google Scholar - Links to full text articles available via the Web. Citation links can help you find more articles similar to one you like. Access may be free, free with login, or cost money. Take citations to a WCC librarian, who will help you track down free versions.

Additional Web Resources

Hawai'i Information Resources
Links to selected sites.

Hawai`i Reference Shelf
Links to current information on Hawaii - from the Hawaii State Library System.

State and federal government search engine.

Project Vote Smart
List of the current office holders with links to biographical information, campaign finance information, issue positions, special interest groups, and voting records for each.

Hawaii State Government
The official Website. You can also go to specific departments through the Executive Branch, i.e. DBEDT, DOE, DHHL, etc.

Kingdom of Hawaii
With links to position papers and historic documents.

Non-partisan, non-profit source of news on state government, including comparative information about political activity in the 50 states.

Selected Local Broadcast Media

Hawaii Public Radio - http://www.hawaiipublicradio.org
KHON (Fox) - http://www.khon.com
KITV (ABC) - http://www.kitv.com
KGMB (CBS) - http://www.kgbm.com
KHET (PBS) - http://www.khet.com


The best sources of books will be the University of Hawaii Libraries and the Hawaii State Public Libraries.

Electronic books are also available via:

Ebooks from elibrary
Online books on a wide variety of topics. Login with your UH ID number. Create an account to save books, highlighting and notes.

Ebooks from NetLibrary
Online books (including books from University of Hawaii Press). Create an Ebooks account on campus, then you can login from anywhere.

Ebooks from Google
Online books on a wide variety of topics. Note: you'll be able to search the books, but only see a few pages of each.

Selected Books in the WCC Library

Atlas of Hawaii. Third ed.
Hawn G1534.20 .U5 1998

Nordyke, Eleanor C. Pacific Images: views from Captain Cook's Third Voyage.
Hawn G420 .C65N67 1999

Ellis, William, Journal of William Ellis; Narrative of a Tour of Hawaii, or Owhyhee; with remarks on the history, traditions, manners, customs, and language of the inhabitants of the Sandwich Islands.
Hawn DU623 .E48 1979

Malo, David. Hawaiian Antiquities (Moolelo Hawaii). Translated from the Hawaiian by Dr. Nathaniel B. Emerson.
Hawn DU625 .M252 1951

Kamakau, Samuel M. Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii, revised edition.
Hawn DU624.65 .K3413

Kamakau, Samuel M. The Works of the People of Old; Na Hana a ka Po'e Kahiko. Translated from the Newspaper Ke au 'Oko'a by Mary Kawena Pukui.
Hawn DU624.65 .K35 1976

Ii, John Papa. Fragments of Hawaiian History.
Hawn DU627 .I4

Handy, E. S. Craighill, Kenneth Emory, et al. Ancient Hawaiian Civilization: a series of lectures delivered at The Kamehameha Schools. Revised Edition 1965. First published 1933.
Hawn DU624.5 A6

Valeri, Valerio. Kingship and Sacrifice: ritual and society in ancient Hawaii.
Hawn BL2620 .H3V35 1985

Kuykendall, Ralph S. The Hawaiian Kingdom. 3 vols.
Hawn DU627 .K8

Kuykendall, Ralph S. and A. Grove Day. Hawaii: a history, from Polynesian kingdom to American State.
Hawn DU625 .K778 1961

Days, Gavan. Shoal of Time: a history of the Hawaiian Islands.
Hawn DU625 .D28 1968

Fuchs, Lawrence H. Hawaii Pono: an ethnic and political history.
Hawn DU625 .F84 1992

Schweizer, Niklaus R. Turning Tide: the ebb and flow of Hawaiian nationality.
Hawn DU625 .S38 1999

Chinen, Jon J. The Great Mahele: Hawaii's land division of 1848.
Hawn HD1129 H5 C5 1978

Barrere, Dorothy B. The King's Mahele: the awardees and their lands.
Hawn HD196 .H3B37 1994

Creighton, Thomas H. The Lands of Hawaii: their use and misuse.
Hawn HD211 .H3C73

Cooper, George and Gavan Daws. Land and Power in Hawaii: the Democratic years.
Hawn HD266 .H3C66 1985

MacKenzie, Melody Kapilialoha. Native Hawaiian Rights Handbook.
Hawn KFH 411 .N37 1991

Russ, William Adam Jr. The Hawaiian Revolution (1893-94).
Hawn DU627.2 .R8 1992

Kame'eleihiwa, Lilikala. Native Land and Foreign Desires: Pehea La E Pono Ai?
Hawn HD211 .H3K35 1992

Dougherty, Michael. To Steal a Kingdom.
Hawn DU625 .D68 1992

Haunai Kay Trask. From a Native Daughter: colonialism and sovereignty in Hawaii.
Hawn DU627.8 .T73 1993

Judd, Walter F. Hawai'i Joins the World.
Hawn DU627 .J8H3 1998

Osborne, Thomas J. Annexation Hawaii: fighting American imperialism.
Hawn DU627.4 .O83 1998

Coffman, Tom. Nation Within: the story of America's Annexation of the Nation of Hawaii.
Hawn DU627.4 .C64 1998

Twigg-Smith, Thurston. Hawaiian Sovereignty: do the facts matter?
Hawn JX245 .H3T85 1998

Bell, Roger. Last Among Equals: Hawaiian statehood and American politics.
Hawn DU627.5 .B44 1984

Beechert, Edward D. Working in Hawaii.
Hawn HD8083 .H3B44 1985

Dan Boylan and T. Michael Holms. John A. Burns: the Man and His Times.
Hawn DU627.82 .B87B69

Mast, Robert H. and Anne B. Mast. Autobiography of Protest in Hawaii.
Hawn HV98 .H3M37 1996

Roth, Randall W. The Price of Paradise. 2 vols.
Hawn HC107 .H3P7 1992

Yount, David. Who Runs the University: the Politics of Higher Education in Hawaii, 1985-1992.
Hawn LD2221 .Y68 1996

Schmitt, Robert C. Historical Statistics of Hawaii.
Hawn HA329.6 .S35

The State of Hawaii data book : a statistical abstract.
Hawn HA4007 .H356 1998

Stannard, David E. Before the Horror: the population of Hawai'i on the eve of western contact.
Hawn GN875 .H3S73

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