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The UNESCO Courier
The magazine from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization. The WCC Library keeps issues from June 1998 to December 2001.

NPQ: New Perspectives Quarterly
A magazine on current world affairs. The current and previous issues are available to read online. The WCC Library keeps issues for the current year plus a 5 year backfile.

World Press Review
This magazine that translates and reprints news stories from international media. A selection of articles from the current issue are available online. The WCC Library keeps issues for the current year plus a 5 year backfile.

Current History
This journal covers current world affairs. Articles are not available online. The WCC Library keeps issues for the current year and all issues on microfilm from the year 1980.

The Economist
World political and economic news. Online check out the Articles by Subject, the Backgrounders, the Country Briefings, and some current articles. In the WCC Library, you will find issues from the current year plus a three year backfile.

United Nations Chronicle
Selected articles on world events from both the current and back issues are available online. The library has paper issues from 1998 on, and microfilmed issues (under the title UN Chronicle) from 1980.

US News & World Report
Articles on business, education, politics, etc. US focus with some world coverage. Many current and past articles are available online.


National and international news articles. Many current and past articles are available online. Print issues kept for the current year, and on microfilm from 1980 on.

Time Magazine
Articles on current events, including politics, business, etc. US focus with some world coverage. Many current and past articles are available online. Back issues kept for the current year and on microfilm from 1980 on.

Open Democracy
This online magazine has pro & con articles on contemporary issues and current events, from mostly a European point of view.

Election Guide
A publication from the International Foundation for Election Systems on election information and results.
The New York Times
Archives from a long standing, influential American newspaper.

Google Scholar

Links to full text articles available via the Web. Citation links can help you find more articles similar to one you like. Access may be free, free with login, or cost money. Take citations to a WCC librarian, who will help you track down free versions.

Reference Materials

Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations. REF E 183.7 .E53 1997
A multivolume set of medium to long signed articles on countries, political movements and parties, individuals, etc.
Historic Documents. Online, or in the Reference Collection: REF E 839.5 .H57 2000
This publication gatherings together important documents, including excerpts from reports, speeches, court rulings, announcements, and statements. To use the print version, check the index in the back of the most recent volume to find material in previous volumes. To use the online version, login with your UH ID number and last name.

The Oxford Companion to Politics of the World. REF JA61 .O95 1993.

Medium to long articles on international relations and politics including entries on concepts, treaties, types of government, events from history, organizations, and important issues in politics, economy and society.

Encyclopedia of Nationalism. REF JC 311 .S5484 1990

1-2 page articles on nationalism, including articles on nationalist efforts by certain countries, ethnic groups, social classes, Also includes articles on important leaders, philosophies, and historic events.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Marxism, Socialism and Communism. REF HX 17 W54.

Short articles on the concepts, people, organizations politics, and historic events related to these ideologies.

Constitutions of the World. REF K3157 .E5M33 1995.
This doesn't provide the text of the constitutions. Instead, it provides general information about each country's constitutional history, mentions the influences around the creation of a constitution, lists the fundamental rights and division of powers granted by the constitutions, describes the executive legislative and judiciary bodies set up the the constitutions, and discusses constitutional amendments.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations. REF G63 .W67 1995.

A systematic description of countries, arranged into volumes by continent (with one volume dedicated to the United Nations).

Political Handbook of the World. REF JF 37 .P6 1999

Basic facts about each country with focus on the governments and political developments.

Graham, Judith, ed. Current Biography Yearbook REF CT100 .C8

A good source of biographical information about prominent people, including world leaders and politicians.

The Europa World Year Book. 2 vols. London: Europa. Annual. REF JN1 .E851
Long, detailed articles on countries of the world, with a focus on government.
Time Almanac 2000 with Information Please. REF AY64 .I55 2000
Short, basic information about different countries
U.S. Bureau of the Census. Statistical Abstract of the United States. REF HA202 .U58
Statistics mostly generated by governmental agencies.

Search Engine for US federal and state websites.

National Public Radio
Radio news stories on current events.

BBC World Service
Radio news broadcasts news from a British perspective

BBC World
International TV news stories from a British perspective

Metavid search
"Metavid ... seeks to capture, stream, archive and facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of legislative proceedings."

Election Resources on the Internet
In addition to links to websites, this site provides basic information on political parties, the election process, and election results for many countries.
Globalization Research Center (Hawai'i)
Project reports and searchable links page to specific groups with global perspective

Librarian's Index to the Internet: International Governments Topics
Selected links to online information on Foreign national governments.

Political Science Links
Links collected and maintained by the University of Hawaii Libraries
CIA World Factbook
Detailed information on each country.

Thomas Legislative Information

This site gives access to current and past legislation, the Congressional Record, and to information on House and Senate Committees.

Congressional Research Tutorials
Short Flash video tutorials, on finding bills, debats, hearings, etc. Also see the "What's going on in Congress right now?" area for current events.

Think Tanks and Public Interest Organizations

A listing of directories, as well as many well known individual groups;

Political science links

Links collected and maintained by the University of Hawaii Libraries

Selective Guide to Political Sites
By Rich Muslin.

Political Resources on the Net
Links to online sites, arranged by country.

Internet Resources for Writing

Research topics, news sources, organizations, online databases, search engines, grammar help, and more.

Go to links for the Evaluating Sources exercise.

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