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Selected Reference Books in the WCC Library

Andrews, Lorrin. A Dictionary of the Hawaiian Language. Waipahu: Island Heritage Publishing, 2003. HAWN PL6446.A56 2003

Kent, Harold Winfield. Treasury of Hawaiian Words in One Hundred and One Categories. Honolulu: Masonic Public Library of Hawaii, 1986.
HAWN PL6446.K46 1986

Pukui, Mary Kawena and Samuel Elbert. Hawaiian Dictionary. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1986.
HAWN PL6446.P78 1986

Pukui, Mary Kawena. 'Olelo No'eau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Sayings. Honolulu: Bishop Museum, 1983.
HAWN PN6519.H4P84 1983 - bilingual collection of sayings, with explanations

Selected Books on the Hawaiian Language in the WCC Library (including language textbooks)

Cleeland, Hokulani. Hawaiian 'Olelo 'Oiwi Ke Kahua: He Puke A'o 'Olelo Hawai'i. Hilo: 'Aha Unana Leo, 1994.
HAWN PL6445.C53 1994

Elbert, Samuel H. Spoken Hawaiian. Honolulu: University of Hawaii, 1970.
HAWN PL 6443 .E4 - A textbook.

Elbert, Samuel and Mary Kawena Pukui. Hawaiian Grammar. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1979.
HAWN PL6443.E37

Hopkins, Alberta Pualani . Ka Lei Ha'aheo: Beginning Hawaiian. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1992.
HAWN PL6443.H67 1992

Kahananui, Dorothy and Alberta Anthony. E Kama'ilio Hawai'i Kakou: Let's Speak Hawaiian. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1974.
HAWN PL6443.K289 1974

Kamakau, Samuel M. Ke Kumu Aupuni. Honolulu, HI: Ahahui Olelo Hawai'i, 1996.
HAWN DU627 .K3 1996

Schutz, Albert. The Voices of Eden: A History of Hawaiian Language Studies. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994.
HAWN PL6441.S38 1994

Snakenberg, Robert Lokomaikia'iokalni. The Hawaiian Sentence Book. Honolulu: The Bess Press, 1988.
HAWN PL6445.S6 1988 - Hawaiian sentences, with English introduction to the language

Find other books, videos, sound recordings, etc., in the UH Libraries with the Hawaii Voyager Catalog.

Selected Print Resources in Hawaiian in the WCC Library

Burningham, Robin Yoko . Hawaiian Word Book. Honolulu: The Bess Press, 1982.
HAWN PL6446 .H34 1983 - Hawaiian vocabulary with pictures

Kamakau, Samuel Manaiakalani. Ke Aupuni Mo'i. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools, 2001.
HAWN DU627.12. K35 2001

Williams, Julie Stewart. To Kamehameha Nui. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools Press, 1996.
HAWN DU627.1 . W55 1996 - biography of Kamehameha I. English translation available in separate volume.

Galuteria, Peter. 'O Lunalilo. Honolulu: Kamehameha Schools, 1994.
HAWN DU627.15. G3419 1994 - biography of Lunalilo. English translation available in separate volume.

Ka Mooolelo Hawaii = The History of Hawai'i. Honolulu: Hawaiian Historical Society, 2005.
HAWN DU625 .K36 2005 - "An amalgam that grew out of an 1836 seminar organized by Reverend Sheldon Dibble at Lahainaluna and attended by ten advanced students, one of whom was David Malo."

Ka Ho 'oilina: puke pai 'olelo Hawaii = The legacy: journal of Hawaiian language sources. Honolulu, Hawaii: Kamehameha Schools Press, in association with University of Hawaii Press for Alu Like, 2002.
HAWN PL6448.A1 H6 - A periodical publishing 19th and 20th century Hawaiian language materials. Four columns present the original text, the contemporary spelling, an English translation, and notes.

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Ulukau: The Hawaiian Electronic Library

Includes several Hawaiian, Hawaiian-English, and Hawaiian place name dictionaries, plus digital versions of several Hawaiian-language Kamehameha schools publications.

Hawaiian Language Newspaper Project from the University of Hawaii

Digitized newspapers from the mid-nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries. Notice the links to other Hawaiian newspapers on the left.

Hawaiian Newspapers (via Ulukau)

Images and some text from Hawaiian-language newspapers. Webpage navigation is in English and Hawaiian.

Hawaiian Fonts and Keyboards

Hawaiian Language Online from the University of Hawaii

This has an online application to help your web browser display Hawaiian diacritics.

Macintosh Resources

From Olelo.

Windows Resources

From Olelo.

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