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Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names: their Lore and Meaning. New York: Dover, 2063.
QB802 .A4 1963

Originally published in 1899, this explores the folklore surrounding various stars, planets and constellations. No illustrations.

Astronomy Across Cultures: The History of Non-Western Astronomy. Helaine Selin, Editor. Boston: Klewer Academic, 2000.
HAWN QB16 .A75 2000

Explores the link between culture and astronomy, including the stories told regarding the night skies.

Bryan, E. H. Jr. Stars Over Hawaii. Revisions and Additions by Richard A. Crowe. Second Edition. Hilo, HI: Petroglyph Press, 2002.
HAWN QB65 .B792 2002 (Ask at Circulation Desk)

Constellation stories, monthly star charts, and more. Heavily illustrated.

Kyselka, Will. The Hawaiian Sky. Honolulu: Pacific, 1971.

Simple connect-the-dot sky charts, plus interesting facts about constellations and stars.

Makemson, Maud Worcester. The Morning Star Rises: An Account of Polynesian Astronomy. Newhaven: Yale University, 1941.

Chapter7, "Stars of the South Seas" provides names and brief information on the legends associated with various stars. Use table 1 on page 279 to find the Polynesian names of stars in Western-named constellations.

Rhoads, Samuel E. The Sky Tonight: A Guided Tour of the Stars Over Hawaii. Honolulu: Bishop Museum, 1993.
HAWN QB63 .R46 1993 (Ask at Circulation Desk)

Star charts for our skys for various times of year. Incudes transparent overlays showing Western constellations.

Staal, Julius D. W. The New Patterns in the Sky: Myths and Legends of the Stars. Blacksburg, VA: McDonald and Woodward, 1988.
QB801.7 .S72 1988

Constellations and their stories from various cultures. Illustrated.

Journal Databases and Online Journals

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Academic Search Premier - A large, general database of magazine and journal articles.

Religion and Philosophy Collection - A more targeted database of articles.

Science Direct - From off campus, log in with UH ID Number and Last Name

Scholarly journal articles in the sciences. Hint: Take citations to a librarian to track down articles you want at no cost.

Google Scholar

Scholarly journal articles and unpublished scholarly work. Hint: Take citations to a librarian to track down articles you want at no cost - or search Ebsco and Science Direct by author and title.

Some online magazines and scholarly journals are available, but the are often difficult to find, and often difficult to search. See a librarian for help in finding online scholarly journals related to your topic.

Sky & Telescope Magazine

A popular astronomy magazine.




A search engine for science information on the Web.

NEC CiteSeer

Find citations to articles, and find out who cited those articles (which can lead you to more articles on your topic).


A search engine for scientific information from US government agencies.

Ebooks from National Academies Press

Electronic books, including those with a science focus.


"A collection of pointers to astronomy-related information available on the Internet."

Sky & Telescope's Interactive Sky Chart

Creates a "schematic chart [that] tells where stars and planets are located with respect to your horizons and zenith."


"A comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site."

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Writing and Citing Help

LILO: Learning Information Literacy Online

LILO will take you step-by-step through your entire research and writing process. Includes links to the Assignment Calculator and the Citation Machine.

Internet Resources for Writing

Research topics, news sources, organizations, online databases, search engines, grammar help, and more.

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